Lunch Special

Monday - Sunday 10:30 am - 3:00 pm
All Dishes Served w. Pork Fried Rice or White Rice
& Soup (Hot & Sour or Egg Drop or Wonton) or Can Soda or Egg Roll

L1. Chicken Chow Mein 5.75
L2. Shrimp Chow Mein 5.75
L3. Pork Egg Foo Young 5.75
L3. Chicken Egg Foo Young 5.75
L4. Moo Goo Gai Pan 5.75
L5. Chicken with Mixed Vegetables 5.75
L6. Chicken with Broccoli 5.75
L7. Pepper Steak w. Onions 5.75
L8. Chicken w. Pepper Onion 5.75
L9. Beef with Broccoli 5.75
L10. Sweet & Sour Pork 5.75
L10. Sweet & Sour Chicken 5.75
L11. Hot & Spicy Chicken 5.75
L12. Roast Pork with Mixed Vegetables 5.75
L13. Roast Pork Lo Mein 5.75
L14. Chicken Lo Mein 5.75
L15. Shrimp with Cashew Nuts 5.75
L16. Chicken with Cashew Nuts 5.75
L17. Vegetable Delight 5.75
L18. Shrimp w. Chinese Vegetable 5.75
L19. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce 5.75
L20. Shrimp with Broccoli 5.75
L22. Broccoli in Garlic Sauce 5.75
L23. Shredded Beef Szechuan 5.75
L24. Kung Pao Chicken 5.75
L25. Shredded Chicken w. Garlic Sauce 5.75
L26. Crispy Chicken 5.75
L27. Hunan Chicken 5.75
L28. Hunan Beef 5.75
L29. Hunan Roast Pork 5.75
L30. Roast Pork in Garlic Sauce 5.75
L31. Mongolian Chicken 5.75
L32. Mongolian Beef 5.75
L33. Shredded Chicken, Szechuan Style 5.75
L34. General Tso's Chicken 5.95
L35. Orange Chicken 5.95
L36. Triple Delight 6.75
L37. Four Seasons 6.95
L38. Seafood Delight 7.25
L39. Happy Family 7.25
L40. Sesame Chicken 5.95
L41. Sweet & Sour Shrimp 6.95
L42. Pineapple Chicken 5.95
L43. House Special Lo Mein 5.95
L44. Chicken Teriyaki 5.95
L45. Boneless Spares 6.25
L46. Honey Chicken 5.95
L47. Bourbon Chicken 5.95


1. Egg Roll (Pork, Shrimp)(2) 2.30
2. Spring Roll 1.30
3. Fried Jumbo Shrimp (5) 4.25
4. Fried Wonton (10) 3.55
5. Fried / Steamed Dumplings (6) 4.95
6. Boneless Spares (S)6.45 (L)10.25
7. Steak Teriyaki (4) 5.25
7. Chicken Teriyaki (4) 5.25
8. Fried Chicken Wings (8) 5.55
9. B-B-Q Spare Ribs (S)6.50 (L)11.95
10. Pu Pu Platter
(1)$6.95, (2)11.95
(S)6.95 (L)11.95
11. Cold Noodle w. Sesame Sauce 4.50
12. Crab Rangoon (6) (Cheese Wonton) 4.25
13. Donut (Sweet Biscuits) 3.95
14. Chicken Meat Ball (16 Pcs) 4.25
15. Peanut Butter Chicken 8.50


(w. Crispy Noodle)
16. Wonton Soup (S)2.35 (L)3.45
17. Egg Drop Soup (S)2.35 (L)3.45
18. Wonton Egg Drop Soup (S)2.35 (L)3.45
19. Chicken Noodle Soup (S)2.35 (L)3.45
20. Chicken Rice Soup (S)2.35 (L)3.45
21. Hot & Sour Soup (S)2.35 (L)3.75
22. Bean Curd w. Veg. Soup (For 2) 4.45
23. Seafood Soup 5.55
24. House Special Soup 5.95

Egg Foo Young

(w. White Rice)
25. Roast Pork Egg Foo Young 7.50
25a. Chicken Egg Foo Young 7.50
26. Beef Egg Foo Young 7.75
26a. Shrimp Egg Foo Young 7.75
27. Vegetable Egg Foo Young 7.50
28. House Special Egg Foo Young 8.50

Chow Mein

(w. White Rice & Crispy Noodles)
29. Chicken Chow Mein (S)5.25 (L)7.50
29a. Roast Pork Chow Mein (S)5.25 (L)7.50
30. Beef Chow Mein (S)5.75 (L)7.95
30a. Shrimp Chow Mein (S)5.75 (L)7.95
31. Vegetable Chow Mein (S)4.95 (L)6.75

Chop Suey

(w. White Rice)
32. Chicken Chop Suey (S)5.25 (L)7.50
32a. Roast Pork Chop Suey (S)5.25 (L)7.50
33. Beef Chop Suey (S)5.75 (L)7.95
33a. Shrimp Chop Suey (S)5.75 (L)7.95
34. Vegetable Chop Suey (S)4.95 (L)6.75

Fried Rice

35. Plain Fried Rice (S)3.25 (L)4.25
36. Roast Pork or Chicken Fried Rice (S)5.25 (L)7.75
37. Beef or Shrimp Fried Rice (S)5.75 (L)7.95
38. Vegetable Fried Rice (S)4.95 (L)6.95
39. House Special Fried Rice (S)6.25 (L)8.75

Lo Mein

40. Plain Lo Mein (S)4.25 (L)6.25
41. Roast Pork Lo Mein (S)5.25 (L)7.75
41a. Chicken Lo Mein (S)5.25 (L)7.75
42. Beef Lo Mein (S)5.75 (L)7.95
42a. Shrimp Lo Mein (S)5.75 (L)7.95
43. Vegetable Lo Mein (S)4.95 (L)6.95
44. House Special Lo Mein (S)6.25 (L)8.75

Chow Mee Fun

(Very Thin White Noodle)
45. Vegetable Chow Mee Fun 7.75
45a. Shrimp or Beef Chow Mee Fun 8.50
46. Chicken or Roast Pork Chow Mee Fun 8.25
47. House Special Mee Fun 9.25
48. Singapore Chow Mee Fun 9.25


(w. White Rice)
49. Mixed Chinese Vegetables (S)6.25 (L)7.50
50. Moo Shu Veg. (w. 6 Pancakes) 7.75
51. Sauteed Snow Pea w. Waterchestnut (S)6.25 (L)7.75
52. Broccoli w. Garlic Sauce (S)6.25 (L)7.50
53. Mixed Veg. w. Garlic Sauce (S)6.25 (L)7.50
54. Plain Sauteed Broccoli (S)6.25 (L)7.50
55. Szechuan Bean Curd (S)6.25 (L)7.50
56. Bean Curd Mixed Vegetable (S)6.25 (L)7.50
57. General Tso's Bean Curd 8.50


(w. White Rice)
58. Roast Pork w. Broccoli (S)6.25 (L)8.75
59. Roast Pork w. Mushrooms (S)6.25 (L)8.75
60. Roast Pork w. Snow Peas (S)6.25 (L)8.75
61. Roast Pork w. Mixed Veg (S)6.25 (L)8.75
62. Kung Pao Pork 8.75
63. Pork w. Garlic Sauce (S)6.25 (L)8.75
64. Shredded Pork, Szechuan Style (S)6.25 (L)8.75
65. Hunan Pork (S)6.25 (L)8.75
66. Pork with Scallions 8.75
67. Moo Shu Pork (w. 4 Pancakes) 8.75


(w. White Rice)
68a. Black Pepper Chicken 8.75
68. Chicken w. Black Bean Sc (S)6.25 (L)8.75
69. Moo Goo Gai Pan (S)6.25 (L)8.75
70. Chicken w. Broccoli (S)6.25 (L)8.75
71. Chicken w. Pepper Onion (S)6.25 (L)8.75
72. Chicken w. Snow Peas (S)6.25 (L)8.75
73. Chicken w. Chinese Veg (S)6.25 (L)8.75
74. Curry Chicken (S)6.25 (L)8.75
75. Crispy Chicken 8.75
76. Boneless Chicken 8.75
77. Chicken w. Szechuan Style (S)6.25 (L)8.75
78. Chicken w. Cashew Nuts 8.75
78a. Almond Chicken 8.75
79. Moo Shu Chicken (w. 6 Pancakes) 8.75
80. Kung Pao Chicken 8.75
81. Shredded Chicken w. Garlic Sauce (S)6.25 (L)8.75
82. Hunan Chicken (S)6.25 (L)8.75
83. Mongolian Chicken 8.75
84. Chicken w. Mixed Vegetables (S)6.25 (L)8.75
85. Empress Chicken 8.75
86. Honey Chicken 8.75
87. Hot & Spicy Chicken 8.75

Sweet and Sour

(w. White Rice)
88. Sweet & Sour Pork (S)6.25 (L)8.75
88a. Sweet & Sour Chicken (S)6.25 (L)8.75
89. Sweet & Sour Shrimp 9.55
90. Sweet & Sour Combo
Chicken, Pork, Shrimp


(w. White Rice)
91. Pepper Steak w. Onions (S)6.95 (L)9.25
92. Beef with Broccoli (S)6.95 (L)9.25
93. Beef with Mushroom (S)6.95 (L)9.25
94. Beef with Snow Peas (S)6.95 (L)9.25
95. Beef with Chinese Veg (S)6.95 (L)9.25
96. Curry Beef (S)6.95 (L)9.25
97. Beef with Mixed Vegetables (S)6.95 (L)9.25
98. Moo Shu Beef (w. 6 Pancakes) 9.25
99. Kung Pao Beef 9.25
100. Beef w. Garlic Sauce (S)6.95 (L)9.25
101. Beef Szechuan Style (S)6.95 (L)9.25
102. Hunan Beef (S)6.95 (L)9.25
103. Mongolian Beef 9.25


(w. White Rice)
104. Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce (S)6.95 (L)9.95
105. Shrimp w. Broccoli (S)6.95 (L)9.95
106. Shrimp w. Chinese Vegetables (S)6.95 (L)9.95
107. Shrimp w. Snow Peas (S)6.95 (L)9.95
108. Pepper Shrimp w. Onion (S)6.95 (L)9.95
109. Curry Shrimp (S)6.95 (L)9.95
110. Shrimp Szechuan Style (S)6.95 (L)9.95
111. Shrimp w. Cashew Nuts 9.95
112. Moo Shu Shrimp (w. 6 Pancakes) 9.95
113. Hunan Shrimp (S)6.95 (L)9.95
114. Kung Pao Shrimp 9.95
115. Shrimp w. Garlic Sauce (S)6.95 (L)9.95
116. Shrimp w. Mixed Vegetables (S)6.95 (L)9.95

Chef s Specialties

(w. White Rice)
S1. Seafood Delight
Fresh shrimp, scallops, lobster meat sauteed w. assorted Chinese vegetables.
S2. Happy Family
Lobster, shrimp, beef, white meat chicken, roast pork w. mixed vegetable.
S3. Four Seasons
Jumbo shrimp, chicken, beef and roast pork w. assorted vegetable.
S4. Chicken in Two Style
Chicken in white sauce and crispy chicken in garlic sauce w. broccoli.
S5. Rainbow Chicken and Shrimp
Chicken and shrimp w. mixed vegetable and white sauce
S6. Lemon Chicken 9.95
S7. General Tso's Chicken (S)6.55 (L)9.95
S8. General Tso's Shrimp 10.95
S9. Chicken w. Orange Flavor (S)6.55 (L)9.95
S10. Beef w. Orange Flavor 10.95
S11. Sesame Chicken (S)6.55 (L)9.95
S12. Sesame Beef 10.95
S13. Triple in Garlic Sauce
Beef, chicken, roast pork w. green or red pepper, waterchestnuts and bamboo shoot.
S14. Bourbon Chicken 9.95
S15. Triple Delight
Jumbo shrimp, chicken, beef in brown sauce w. snow peas, baby corn, waterchestnuts, carrot and bamboo shoots.
S16. Dragon and Phoenix
Lobster, chinese vegetable, water chestnuts baby corn, mushroom, carrots & bamboo shoots in white sauce & crispy chicken with broccoli in brown sauce at one side.
S17. Beef and Scallop
Beef steak & sea scallop w. assorted vegetables
S18. Shrimp and Scallop w. Garlic Sauce
Shrimp & scallop w. green or red pepper, waterchestnuts & bamboo shoots.
S19. Pineapple Chicken 9.95
S20. Imperial Chicken
Chunks of crispy chicken and mixed vegetable Hunan special sauce.
S21. Hunan Triple Delight 11.25
S22. Kung Pao Triple Delight 11.25
S23. Szechuan Triple Delight 11.25

Health Diet Section

(w. White Rice, Sauce on the Side)
Choice of the Sauce: (Brown Sauce, White Sauce or Garlic Sauce)

D1. Steamed Shrimp w. Mixed Vegetable 9.95
D2. Steamed Shrimp w. Broccoli 9.95
D3. Steamed Mixed Vegetables 7.50
D4. Steamed Broccoli 7.50
D5. Steamed Snow Peas & Water Chestnuts 7.75
D6. Steamed Chicken w. Broccoli 8.75
D7. Steamed Chicken w. Mixed Vegetables 8.75
D8. Steamed Bean Curd w. Mixed Vegetable 7.50

Happy Family Special

All Dinners Served with Rice & Fortune Cookies
Wonton, Egg Drop, Hot & Sour Soup
(This section don't accepted any coupons)

Choice of:
Chicken, Beef, Roast Pork or Shrimp Fried Rice
Chicken, Beef, Roast Pork or Shrimp Lo Mein
Chicken, Beef, Roast Pork or Shrimp w. Broccoli
Pepper Steak, Chicken or Shrimp w. Onion
Chicken, Beef or Shrimp w. Mixed Vegetable
spicy General Tso's ChickenSesame Chicken
spicy Orange ChickenMoo Goo Gai Pan
spicy Kung Pao ChickenSweet & Sour Chicken

Dinner For 2
Crab Meat Rangoon (6), Egg Roll (2), Soup (Qt.)
Choose two items from upper section
Dinner For 3
Crab Meat Rangoon (6), Egg Roll (3), Soup (Qt.)
Choose three items from upper section
Dinner For 4
Crab Meat Rangoon (8), Steamed or Fried Dumpling, Egg Roll (4), Soup (Qt.)
Choose four items from upper section
Dinner For 5
Crab Meat Rangoon (10), Steamed or Fried Dumpling, Egg Roll (5), Soup (Qt.)
Choose five items from upper section

Dinner Combination

(All Orders Served w. Roast Pork or Chicken Fried Rice & Egg Roll)
C1. Chicken Chow Mein 7.75
C1a. Shrimp Chow Mein 7.75
C2. Chicken Lo Mein 7.75
C2a. Roast Pork Lo Mein 7.75
C3. Shrimp Lo Mein 7.75
C3a. Beef Lo Mein 7.75
C4. Vegetable Lo Mein 7.75
C5. Chicken w. Broccoli 7.75
C6. Beef w. Broccoli 7.95
C6a. Shrimp w. Broccoli 7.95
C7. Chicken & Shrimp w. Broccoli 8.25
C8. Pepper Steak w. Onion 7.95
C9. Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce 7.95
C10. Moo Goo Gai Pan 7.75
C11. Sweet & Sour Pork 7.75
C11a. Sweet & Sour Chicken 7.75
C12. Sweet & Sour Shrimp 7.95
C13. Chicken Egg Foo Young 7.75
C13a. Roast Pork Egg Foo Young 7.75
C14. Chicken w. Garlic Sauce 7.75
C15. Shrimp w. Garlic Sauce 7.95
C15a. Beef w. Garlic Sauce 7.95
C16. Crispy Chicken w. Garlic Sauce 8.25
C17. Hunan Chicken 7.75
C18. Hunan Beef 7.95
C18a. Hunan Shrimp 7.95
C19. Chicken w. Cashew Nuts 7.75
C20. Shrimp w. Cashew Nuts 7.95
C21. General Tso's Chicken 8.25
C22. Chicken w. Mixed Veg 7.75
C23. Beef w. Mixed Veg. 7.95
C23a. Shrimp w. Mixed Veg. 7.95
C24. Kung Po Beef 7.95
C25. Szechuan Chicken 7.75
C26. Szechuan Beef 7.95
C27. Four Seasons 8.25
C28. Sesame Chicken 8.25
C29. Triple Delight 8.25
C30. Sauteed Mixed Vegetables 7.75
C31. Honey Chicken 8.25
C32. Peanut Butter Chicken 7.75
C33. Steak Teriyaki 7.95
C33a. Chicken Teriyaki 7.95
C34. Orange Chicken 8.25
C35. Boneless Spare Ribs 8.25
C36. Bourbon Chicken 8.25

Side Order

White Rice (S)1.75 (L)2.50
Fried Noodles 0.50
Fortune Cookies (4) 0.50
Any Sauce (8 oz) 1.00
Can Soda 0.95
2 Liter Soda 2.50
Bottle Soda 1.50
Bottle Water 0.95
Almond Cookies (4) 1.00

Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Mango Smoothie 3.25
Strawberry Smoothie 3.25
Peach Smoothie 3.25
Watermelon Smoothie 3.25
Pineapple Smoothie 3.25
Kiwi Smoothie 3.25
Banana Smoothie 3.25
Assorted Smoothie
Choose two kinds of fruit